Three early-stage Insurtech companies plan to establish a presence in Hartford, triggered by a 2022 partnership initiative between Connecticut and the UK Government’s Department for Business and Trade to create an InsurTech Corridor between the two regions.

The announcement, made by the UK’s trade commissioner for North America by Emma Wade-Smith during the MetroHartford Alliance’s annual meeting on Thursday December 14 at the Pratt & Whitney Hangar Museum in East Hartford.

Wade-Smith was involved in the formation of the InsurTech Corridor, which aims to encourage knowledge and resource sharing within the industry that enables insurers and technology founders in both Connecticut and the UK to explore and expand into each other’s markets.

The three startups that aim to land in Hartford include:

  • Previsico, which has cutting edge technology to forecast flooding events
  • Matrix iQ, which provides data analytics to assist with insurance risk management
  • Gaia, which uses predictive analytics to de-risk costly medical treatment processes
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