Alex Hearn
Founder, CEO


Well-known in the London Market, Slipcase uses AI to curate relevant news and media content tailored to each individual user: professionals working in the global P&C re/insurance industry. It provides in-depth insights and intelligence to its corporate clients, with products including a company page on the platform and whitelisted internal and external newsletters.

Meet the Company

Slipcase was founded by Alex Hearn in 2016 and aside from a tech investment from Everlution Software, is privately funded. Adapting to developments in technology and market shifts, it has been functioning in its current form for 5 years. The core team is small but mighty and the company has a strong internal focus on customer-centricity and tech development.

Objective for the InsurTech Corridor

Our main objective for the InsurTech Corridor is to maximize our US exposure. We will be looking to build connections and brand awareness, and create a firm footing for future success within the US. The region has enormous growth potential for us and, so far, we have barely scratched the surface on the client side despite having a majority US based audience.

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