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John Blamire
CEO and Co-Founder


Fraudgraph – We help insurers maximise profitability.  Rapidly detecting and reducing the cost of claims. 

Meet the Company

With Insurance Fraud skyrocketing at a staggering 25% annually, and with over $300 billion siphoned from US consumers each year, the urgency to combat this menace has never been clearer. Particularly vulnerable are the smaller to medium-sized insurers, MGA’s, and 3rd Party Administrators, who find themselves perilously exposed to Claims Fraud without the robust defenses of ‘Machine Learning or AI’ fraud detection tools.

Recognizing this critical need, in 2022 we assembled a crack team of AI experts. Drawing from their extensive experience in developing and deploying cutting-edge counter-fraud AI and ML solutions, which have consistently delivered profitability boosts of up to $100 million annually for several $2 billion+ premium insurers, we created Fraudgraph. Our mission is to democratize the latest in fraud detection AI technologies, once exclusive to industry giants, by offering them as easy-to-implement software as a service.

Objective for the InsurTech Corridor

The Hartford InsureTech Corridor offers Fraudgraph unparalleled access to a thriving ecosystem of industry leaders, investors, and innovators, providing invaluable networking opportunities for a U.K. based InsureTech startup seeking to expand its global footprint. By immersing ourselves in this dynamic hub of innovation, we aim to gain unique insights, strategic partnerships, and potential investment avenues, accelerating our growth trajectory and establishing a strong presence in the U.S. insurance market.

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