Ksenia Gorska
Head of Innovation


distriBind is curing the insurance industry of its spreadsheet addiction with an automated data exchange and digital workbench that streamlines reporting in programme and delegated business, drives efficiency through automation, and delivers unparalleled data visibility.

Meet the Company

distriBind was founded in 2018 by Dave Connors, an industry veteran with deep experience of the business processes and in designing innovative solutions. distriBind works across the value chain with clients ranging from small MGAs to global Insurers across multiple countries, markets and classes of business. We employ 17 staff and are currently raising a seed round.

Objective for the InsurTech Corridor

distriBind are seeking to increase our traction in the US, building on an existing client base and seeking to find more customers, partners and investors in the US with the main goal of establishing a US entity and office in 2024.

More Information


27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX

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