McKenzie Intelligence Services

Daniel Grimwood-Bird
Head of Sales & Marketing


McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) provides immediate post event intelligence that creates dynamic and three-dimensional loss information. Using a data agnostic approach and its proprietary Saas, geospatial platform, the Global Events Observer (GEO), MIS systematically tracks and responds to catastrophes globally. MIS empowers decision making in real time, vital in the immediate aftermath of a major event, whether from natural catastrophes or man-made conflicts, all involving multi-peril coverage.

Meet the Company

Founded in 2011, McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) has pioneered the use of remote sensing in the insurance industry. Driven by a desire to support those in need during times of crises caused by natural perils and geopolitical complexities, MIS harnesses decades of military expertise and commercial experience to solve insurance industry challenges around data, presenting insurers with the answers they need to respond to major global events faster and with greater insight than ever before. MIS’ GEO platform currently services clients across the globe and includes Zurich Insurance, SCOR, Liberty Specialty and AXIS as clients as well as being a central service for the Lloyd’s of London market.

Objective for the InsurTech Corridor

MIS’ objectives as part of the InsurTech Corridor are to build relationships with CT based insurers, reinsurers, brokers, and TPAs, and to accelerate our entry into the US market.

More Information 

217 Warnford Court, 29 Throgmorton Street, London, EC2N 2AT

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