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Chief of Staff

Floriane Moy
Data & Insurance Lead


Gaia is a revolutionary way to manage the financial toll and risk associated with fertility treatments. Members begin a new cycle for as little as an upfront protection fee, and only pay for their treatment when they have a child — nothing if they don’t. Each plan is personalized and underpinned by a proprietary clinical model predicting treatment outcomes.

Meet the Company

Founded by Nader AlSalim, former Goldman Sachs executive and IVF patient, Gaia launched in 2022 in the UK and has been recognized in Bloomberg, Wired, and FastCo. Gaia is now 32 people and is expanding to the US in 2024.

Objective for the InsurTech Corridor

Support for US expansion. Predominantly around introductions to key stakeholders including carriers, sector experts, state regulators, legal advisors and established InsurTechs. We are looking to get regulated in our first US state as a P&C Excess lines insurer and to expand across the US from there.
We are also always looking for great talent!

More Information

Great Western Studios
65 Alfred Road
London W2 5EU
United Kingdom

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