James Duffy
COO & Co-Founder


Protecting the world, one journey at a time. Flare is a multi-award-winning mobility safety platform, used by some of the most recognisable international brands in over 140 markets today. Our customers include Tier, Deliveroo, JustEat, Voi, and Microlise.

Flare’s technology is easily integrated into our customer’s apps and hardware to enable incident detection, eFNOL, risk mitigation, user scoring and dynamic maintenance to minimize operational costs and claims leakage.

Meet the Company

Founded in 2015 but commercially launched in 2020 after years of testing and development.

15 employees

£1m raised to date

Objective for the InsurTech Corridor

Build brand and raise profile, passing regulatory hurdles, building partnerships with US lenders/insurers and once revenues allow, set up a CT based subsidiary.

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Level One

Basecamp Liverpool

49 Jamaica Street

Liverpool, L1 0AH

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